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Established in 2013 by writer and book designer Lynn McCarron, Baby Lullaby makes gorgeous baby books that combine beautiful paintings with soothing and culturally authentic lullabies. These books have become celebrated across North America, with three titles reaching national bestseller status and over 180,000 copies sold.

"We have been thrilled by how much people love these lullaby books and how motivated they are to share their stories with us, which they often do on the Facebook pages. There is a real sense of community between those of us creating the books, the people that sell them, and the people who buy them. Many people have bought multiple books for grandchildren, wanting new generations to know about their roots. Others will get them so they can share an account of their travels. It's always a pleasure to think about these people as we plan and work on new titles."

The business grew out of Lynn's desire to make the books she had always wanted for her own babies, honouring their native surroundings through art and music. With an extensive background in the publishing business, she decided to start her own company so that she could be in charge of all the elements of design, from choosing the subjects to hiring the writers and illustrators. Her husband, singer-songwriter Keith Andrews, made the perfect partner for the business as writer and producer of the accompanying music.


"Keith has a life-long interest and expertise in roots music. Whenever I mention a place, he knows what music style and instrumentation is indigenous to the culture there. It's quite amazing that we found something to collaborate on that represents both our interests so completely."

"It needs to be authentic to really mean something to people. I don't think you can hope to capture the essence of a place, or a holiday or season, without truly knowing it, so it was of the utmost importance to me to get it right. All the books have an anchor in their destination, either I have lived there for a time or visited often, or one of the artists has a strong connection. For example, the first two books were NL Lullaby and Alaska Lullaby, co-written with MJ Riemann, an old friend of mine who is from Newfoundland and now lives in Alaska. It was her music, written for her new baby, that was used on the first three books. Her husband Kurt produced the first videos."

In early 2014, the growing business was relocated from Lunenburg to Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, where a location was found with a large office, a warehouse and even a music studio for recording the lullabies. These days, the whole family gets involved in one way or another.


"Our children play some of the instruments and sing on some of the lullabies. Our oldest son turns the books into videos for the Facebook pages. It's definitely become the family business!"

"When our kids were babies and we wanted to soothe or inspire them, we took them outside. Hiking around with them in a backpack, I used to dream about making books that were faithful representations of the amazing world around us. I don't think books for babies have to be trendy or make any particular statement.

I think they just have to be beautiful and true to nature, and people will fall in love with them.

It seems to be working out that way so far. "

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